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Facebook and Google are swallowing the global digital advertising market — with major implications for the media and journalism industries that depend on adverting revenues.

See this article in the Wall Street Journal, “The race is on to challenge Facebook-Google ‘duopoly’ in global advertising”. See also “Google and Facebook don’t just dominate online ads, they’re pushing everyone else out.” 

For the implications for journalism, see “Facebook is eating the world.”

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Should journalists working for newspapers such as the New York Times be free to express their opinions on their personal social media accounts? The New York Times does not think so. See this article, “The New York Times releases new staff social media guidelines.” 

Millennials and Brands

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Netflix is the most talked-about brand among millennials, followed by Facebook and Apple, according to a UK survey. See the article and survey results here.


For tips on how to manage your Facebook account, see “12 Facebook Tips That Everyone Should Know.” 

Google: A Paid News Model?

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At present the price of news is either free or high. Google may soon bundle news like a cable TV company. See “The Price of Paid News May Not Stay High”. 

Brands Millennials Want to Work For

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Tavi Gevinson: Teen Fashion Blogger

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Fashion Blogging: Tavi Gevinson

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