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Social Media & Social Change

Posted: November 26, 2016 in Uncategorized

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As hashtag campaigns such as #BlackLivesMatter have demonstrated, social media tools are being used to promote social change. The term “hashtag activism” has entered the language to describe the use of social media (and notably the viral power of #hashtags) to spread messages, raise awareness, and mobilize action.

See this article, “5 ways to turn a social media campaign into a movement”.  For case studies, see”2015’s Top Social Activism Campaigns“. See also “Millennials and the Age of Tumblr Activism”.  On  #BlackLivesMatters, see this Pew Research study, “Social Media Conversations About Race“.


But how effective is social media activism? On that question, see “#BoycottUnited: does social media activism actually work?” 

Some claim hashtag activism a superficial Western response to global problems. On that, see “#BringBackOurGirls, Hashtag Activism, and the Diaspora“. See also “Hashtag Activism and Its Limits“.

Companies are also using social media campaigns to “humanize” their brands by associating them with a cause. See “10 ways brands are using social media marketing for good“.




SEO Tactics: Content is King

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The chart above shows the most effective SEO (search engine optimization) tactics.

Social Media Rumors

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The internet and social media are blamed for spreading rumors and fake news — and the negative consequences for journalism and public communications. On the spread of rumors on line, see this article in the New York Times: “Why rumors outrace the truth online“. On the Nice attack, see “Social media rumors about the Nice attack” and “Nice lorry attack sparks false rumors on social media“.

For an academic paper on the subject, see “Analysing how orient to and spread rumors in social media“.  Also Jayson Harsin’s paper on rumor bombs: “The Rumor Bomb: On Convergence Culture and Politics“.

Snapchat vs Facebook and Twitter

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The chart above shows how Snapchat users are overwhelmingly in the young 18-25 demographic, unlike Facebook and Twitter whose users are more evenly spread across all demographic groups.


An interesting article on what Google looks for in job candidates. Note that Google doesn’t care about top schools, grades, or credentials. They focus on “intellectual humility”. See here, “Why Google doesn’t care about hiring top college graduates“. See also: “How to get a job at Google“.

Demographics of Snapchat Users

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chartoftheday_5183_snapchat_usage_by_age_group_n-1 The chart above shows that older demographic groups are starting to use Snapchat.

Facebook to Compete with LinkedIn?

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chartoftheday_6658_linkedin_the_size_of_the_facebook_threat_n Facebook is considering a “jobs” tab to compete with LinkedIn. Above is a chart showing that most of LinkedIn’s revenues come from recruitment.