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The most recent ranking of the leading apps in the United States.



See this article in the Washington Post, “More and more people get their news via social media — is that good or bad?


One mistake many young job seekers make is not understanding how the recruiter is looking at them. In the early vetting stage, most recruiters scan a CV in a matter of seconds. More important for many recruiters is the job candidate’s online presence.

See this article “A top recruiter on what anyone can see after 30 seconds with your resumé“. Note the inclusion of “personal online footprint”.

Also, some useful tips and suggestions here for young job seekers in the media field: “Becoming a Marketable Media Grad (Things More Important than Degrees and CVs).  Note the advice: See yourself as a brand.

Another piece of advice also stands out: “A paper CV and cover letter only gets you so far – having all of what you have done easily accessible online is a great way to back those words up.” And this too: “Many graduates have a fear of ‘putting themselves out there’ on the Internet and this is something that must be overcome. Create content. Help people. Don’t be scared. Be proactive. Think outside the box. Create opportunities. Most importantly, have fun. Get on Twitter and build outwards from there. Retweet useful things to your followers. Promote others. Your willingness to share useful information will help you to build contacts. People will remember your good deeds. Create a side project and utilise it as a sandbox through which you can showcase your originality, sans limitations. Building an online showcase is the best possible start you can give yourself. Do it while you’re still a student.”

How Google hires offers some interesting insights at how employees look at job candidates. Google doesn’t care about academic credentials and top schools. They look closely at each job candidate to assess their “intellectual humility”. See this article “Why Google doesn’t care about hiring top college graduates“. See also: “How to get a job at Google“.

Finally, some concrete advice on how to work on your personal brand: “Three steps to creating your personal brand — and why it matters.” And once you find yourself in a job interview, some tips: “Everything you are doing wrong in a job interview — and how to fix it”  and “4 Top Tips for Job Interview Success”. 

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Advertising: Google and Facebook

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Google and Facebook are advertising companies. News organizations complain that they are both crippling their revenues by siphoning their advertising revenues. But the advertising industry is also worried. See this article, “Advertisers, Publishers Look for Ways to Counter Facebook and Google.”

Stories: Snapchat vs Instagram

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See this opinion column in the Guardian: “Why Facebook is public enemy number one for newspapers and journalism.” See also this article, “Facebook is Eating the World.”

Facebook and the News (Bias)

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Facebook: Friends vs News

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Trending on Facebook

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Facebook and news organizations have an uneasy relationship due to the increasing gatekeeper power of the social network. See this article in the Economist magazine: “Friends with Benefits?”  Also see this more recent story about the impact of the Facebook algorithm on news organizations: “Facebook just sent a chill over every digital news organization”.