Social Media and Non-Profit Organizations

Posted: October 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

PR and communications strategies for non-profit organizations are not, for obvious reasons, precisely the same as those for commercial products and businesses. The objectives are different. Still, non-profit organizatoins, while not “selling” products or services, are driven by the same goals of communicating, spreading awareness, creating buzz, branding — and raising money. Social media tools have proved invaluable for non-profit PR and communications strategies. Non-profit organizations ranging from local symphonies to the Humane Society and Red Cross have pro-actively used social media to achieve their objectives.

See this article in Mashable, “4 Ways Social Media Is Changing the Non-Profit World“. This infographic offers a visual assessment with statistical data: “How Non-Profits are Using Social Media“. This article in the Harvard Business Review explains “Why Non-Profits are So Good at Social Media“.

For more practical advice, see How Non-Profits Are Using Social Media For Real ResultsAlso see this article in Fast Company, which outlines “6 Ways Non-Profits Can Use Social Media To Grow” and this article on “10 Ways Non-Profits Can Benefit from Social Media“. Here is a list of “26 Charities and Non-Profits on Twitter“. For some hard numbers on social cause results, see “Social Media for Social Causes: the Results“. Finally, here is an infographic that shows which causes are most successful on social media (animal causes come out on top): “Animal Issues Get More Social Love Than Disaster Relief“.

As an endnote, see this article in the Wall Street Journal about how increasing numbers of MBA graduates are choosing to pursue careers in the non-profit sector, “Grads Do Good for a Profit“.


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