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Instagram Marketing

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See this article in the New York Times, “The Agony of Instagram“.

On Instagram as a marketing platform, see “Instagram is a Marketer’s Best Friend — For Now“. Instagram is playing a role in the international art market. On that subject, see “Instagram takes a growing role in the art market”.

Instagram is more known for its role in the fashion industry. See Instagram’s influence on beauty trends: “Instagram exerts a force in beauty trends“. See also this article in the New York Times: “Fashion’s Latest Muse: Instagram“. On Instagram and Fashion Week, see “How Instagram is Changing New York Fashion Week” and “As Fashion Week Approaches, Runway Models Strut on Social Media“. Finally, see “The Best Fashion Instagram Accounts You Should be Following” and “Five Models to Follow on Instagram“.

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Snapchat: Marketing & Movies

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LIke many apps, Snapchat has morphed from a “social” app to a marketing platform.

For background on Snapchat, see this article in the New York Times, “A Growing App That Let’s You See It, Then You Don’t” and “Snapchat: A New Mobile Challenge for Storytelling“.

Also see this article on Mashable, “Could Snapchat become the next Instagram?
On Snapchat marketing, see “5 Creative Ways Brands are Using Snapchat” and “Here are 6 Snapchat Stats that Show Why Marketers Want Inside that Walled Garden“. See also “Brands are coming to Snapchat. Will users disappear?” For specific case studies, see “McDonald’s joins throng of marketers experimenting with Snapchat” and “How Snapchat helped sell a new Star Wars toy“. See also “Here is How Burberrry is Taking to Snapchat Again“.

On Snapchat and Hollywood marketing, see “Why Snapchat Isn’t a Great Tool for the Studios — Yet” Also, Kendall and Kylie Jenner have made a Snapchat movie, see below and here: “Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat Movie“.

This infographic provides tips on how students can use Google more effectively when conducting online research. Here is another infographic with tips. Also see “10 Tips for Smarter and More Internet Searching“. And see “Google for Research” and “Google Tips and Tricks Every Student Should Know“.

What is Your Network Worth?

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See this PEW study, “The Social Side of the Internet“, for data and anaysis of LinkedIn compared with other networks like Facebook and Twitter. For a summary of the study, see “What is your network worth?

How To Use Twitter Effectively

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While Twitter can’t match the traffic of other social networks like Facebook and Instagram, it is an indispensable tool for journalists and media professionals. In fact, according to this report, journalists are the largest professional group on Twitter.

On the question of whether journalists need to be on Twitter, see “Should All Journalists Be On Twitter?” See this article, “5 Ways Journalists Can Use Twitter More Effectively” and “Twitter for Journalists“. For a more advanced series of tips, see “How to Use Twitter Like a Pro“. Here are some tips for Twitter personal branding: “21 Tips for Building Your Personal Brand on Instagram and Twitter“.

Twitter is also an excellent job searching tool. See here: “Twitter is the Best Job Search Tool You are Not Using” and “How to Use Twitter Effectively as a Job Search Resource”.

Finally see this infographic below on Twitter, “How the World Uses Twitter

Twitter Top 100

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See here for the “Top 100 on Twitter” — and note how many of them are pop stars.

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News sites are now using software tools to map virality on social networks. See this article, “Inside Mashable’s Tool that Maps Branded Content“. Also see, “BuzzFeed Maps Social Sharing’s Ripple Effect.”

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See this feature story, “Inside Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel’s Entertainment Empire“.

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Social media networks like Instagram and Twitter are transforming fame and celebrity, especially for music stars like Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Kanye West and others. For an overview on social media branding, see this article in the Harvard Business Review, “Branding in the Age of Social Media“. On celebrity branding, see “What Celebrities Can Teach Companies about Social Media“.

On how Beyoncé uses social media, see “Beyoncé rejects tradition for social media power” and “7 Lessons from Beyoncé’s Social Media Guru“.

On Taylor Swift’s social media stretegy, see “Want to use social media to your advantage? Let Taylor Swift show you how with these media relations tips” and “How Taylor Swift became the most followed Instagrammer on the planet.”

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For more on, see this New York Times story, With Medium, Evan Williams is tackling the future of writing online” and also “A platform and blogging tool, Medium charms writers“. For an example of how Medium works, see how Jeff Jarvis used Medium to publish chapters of his book on the future of journalism, Geeks Bearing Gifts.