Fashion Journalism in the Age of Instagram

Posted: September 6, 2015 in Uncategorized

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On the rapidly changing business of fashion journalism, see “How Social Media is Transforming Fashion Week Coverage” and Fashion in the Age of Instagram. On the tension betweeen bloggers and established fashion critics, see “Fashion bloggers force journalists to up their game” and “Fashion’s new showdown: bloggers and journalists

Also see “The Best Fashion Instagram Accounts You Should be Following” See this link to see how the Financial Times, a quality international newspaper, uses Instagram to cover the fashion shows. And this article: “Times A Changing: Instagram to Receive Fashion Journalism Award“.

For a reflection on fashion journalism, see Suzy Menkes’ piece in the New York Times: “The Circus of Fashion“. Also Vanessa Friedman on the evolving role of fashion journalism: “Fashion, Politics and Money“. Finally, see “In the Glare of Fashion’s Growing Circus: A Double Standard?

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